Thursday, January 21, 2010

RIP Air America

I've just read that Air America will be closing down and filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which means that they will be going away, at the young age of almost six years. They lasted a lot longer than the right wing expected them to do. Unfortunately, most of the programs that were any good had moved to other networks; the best programs still survive.
I'm not sure what I'll do with this site. I have more or less neglected it over the past three or four years, as I retired from my day job and went to work in my own business, and was distracted from listening to Air America by spending too much time working and watching my progressive politics on Television. Lately it's only been Ring of Fire once in awhile or the Ron Reagan show, or listening to my local affiliate while working in the yard. Since most of the programs I listened to in the past have moved to other networks, and are still on my local affiliate, I'll probably continue to listen to them; missing the extra stream from AAR.
I suspect what I will do is rebuild the AAL page with links to the remaining progressive programs and streams, and then probably not put much maintenance into the site. Not really much of change.
In the meantime, I still occasionally blog on Dailykos as earwicker23, and have an aromatherapy blog at and you can find me on Facebook and Twitter.

RIP Air America

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Recipe for America

I just returned from an evening in Seattle at FX McRory's, at a book signing for Jill Richardson's book Recipe for America. Not very many attendees, but Jill will be at several other venues in the Seattle area over the weekend and a review of the book will be featured on DailyKos on Sunday.
I've had my copy of the book for several weeks and it is definitely worth buying and reading if you care about eating and about the sustainability of the world economy (of which America is a major driving part).
McRory's was not a very good venue for a Book Signing, since it is a bar/restaurant and was very noisy. Eventually Jill led us outside onto the sidewalk eating area and talked about the book until the Seattle rain drove us back inside (of course it shouldn't have, as a Seattle Rain isn't really rain by the standards of the rest of the world--but it was a sign to change the venue slightly).
If you are interested in the topic of food, check out Jill's blog La Vida Locadore.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Honey Moon Tree


This was a great concert. Not much to do with Progressive Politics, unless perhaps you check out the web site of their lead singer.

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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Rachel Maddow Show moves to mornings

In an article entitled Maddow rechannels energy at Air America in the New York Daily News, the mystery of what happened to the Rachel Maddow show when the Ron Reagan Show expanded to three hours is revealed. As I suspected, Rachel has given up her afternoon show on Air America and the former second hour of the show that was being recycled from the evening MSNBC Rachel Maddow show has moved to the early morning: 5 am Eastern/2 am Pacific.  Since I am not usually up at 2 am pacific (except sometimes on weekends) I hadn’t been sure what was happening. Since I was rather bored with the recycled segment (having seen it on MSNBC the night before) I was happy to see the Ron Reagan Show expanded.

In other program changes, XM Radio has moved Thom Hartmann to the 6-9 PM Eastern/3-6 PM Pacific Segment, allowing him the full three hours, and expanded Mike Malloy from 2 to three hours in the 9-12 PM Eastern/6-9 Pacific.  (America Left, Channel 167) I’m not sure what time RR Show will be on but will find out.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ron Reagan Show to go to three hours

Ron announced on tonight’s show that starting in February the show will be expanding to three hours.  No word about the time slot.  Stay tuned.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ana Marie Cox to become Air America Correspondent

Breaking News--Ana Marie Cox, frequently appearing on The Rachel Maddow Show, blogger at The Daily Beast, and founding editor of Wonkette has been hired as a "national correspondent" based in Washington DC for Air America.
She'll also have a weekend show on Air America coming up in the near future.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

2008 Election Coming Up

An interesting essay has been posted online entitled:

Criteria for Presidential Candidate Evaluation – 2008
Citizen Moral Obligations
Potential Errors, Dancing Squirrels, and Whale Bones

The author provides some criteria that can be used to  help make a decision among candidates in the upcoming Presidential election.  Although I tend to wonder along with Jon Stewart how there can be anyone left who has not made up their mind, I realize that many people have not yet done so, as is evidenced by the polls. So if you are one of the people who has not yet made up your mind, I urge you to read this essay.

Of course, it's unlikely that you would be reading this if you haven't made up your mind--this blog is not well read and updated only sporadically. I myself, for example, have been obsessing about the election for almost two years, long ago made up my mind what candidate to support, was elected a delegate for that candidate in the local Democratic caucus, and attended the district and county convention. I didn't get elected as a delegate to the State or National conventions because I didn't run.

But if you are reading this, please read the linked article above, think about the issues, make up your mind, and VOTE!