Saturday, September 05, 2009

Recipe for America

I just returned from an evening in Seattle at FX McRory's, at a book signing for Jill Richardson's book Recipe for America. Not very many attendees, but Jill will be at several other venues in the Seattle area over the weekend and a review of the book will be featured on DailyKos on Sunday.
I've had my copy of the book for several weeks and it is definitely worth buying and reading if you care about eating and about the sustainability of the world economy (of which America is a major driving part).
McRory's was not a very good venue for a Book Signing, since it is a bar/restaurant and was very noisy. Eventually Jill led us outside onto the sidewalk eating area and talked about the book until the Seattle rain drove us back inside (of course it shouldn't have, as a Seattle Rain isn't really rain by the standards of the rest of the world--but it was a sign to change the venue slightly).
If you are interested in the topic of food, check out Jill's blog La Vida Locadore.