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Daily Kos :: How Bush is Destroying the Middle Class [Not Air America Related]

Daily Kos :: How Bush is Destroying the Middle Class Normally I don't do non-Air America stuff in this Blog, but I think this post on Daily Kos is important enough to link here. Read it and weep! And then internalize it, memorize it, print it, and use it whenever you can to let Americans know what is happening to them under King George.

Friday, April 29, 2005 - e-Letters to the Editor: Bias showing on Air America issue - e-Letters to the Editor: Bias showing on Air America issue:
"Bias showing on Air America issue
By Susan Pierce
Friday, April 29, 2005 - Updated: 12:47 PM EST

If you are going to criticize Air America for their tasteless skit (for which they apologized), why don't you also criticize right-wing Republicans who have made threatening remarks about judges, Clinton visiting Helms' state, 'friendly fire' against Gore and Kerry (Coulter), and most things out of Limbaugh's big mouth?
Your bias is showing. Shame on you.
We should add balance to our political commentary and tone down the rhetoric to make this country more civil.
You people in the media are not helping." - Opinion & Letters: Air America goes too far - Opinion & Letters: Air America goes too far: "Silly us, we thought liberals were for gun control and against violence. Apparently, not the folks at Air America, the year-old liberal radio network, formed with the intention of providing a counterweight to conservative talk radio. " News | Senator Franken? News | Senator Franken?:
"That stuff includes moving home to Minnesota after three decades away. He's buying an apartment in Minneapolis, and moving his radio show to the Twin Cities. "

Subscription or Free Pass Required for Salon (watch an ad).

Al Franken Show to move to Minneapolis. No Date mentioned.

This is an excellent article and well worth reading.

Naples Daily News: Columnists

Naples Daily News: Columnists: "The other night, in an almost unrelenting barrage of barbed 'humor,' the center gave out its annual awards in a hotel ballroom packed with the faithful. The titles and winners of the various 'dis-honors' tell it all. Among them were the Really Time to Retire Award, Walter Cronkite; Send Bush to Abu Ghraib Award, PBS's Bill Moyers; Al Franken Award for Stupidest Analysis, CNN's Bruce Morton; I'm Not a Political Genius But I Play One on TV Award, liberal syndicated talker Janeane Garofalo. Needless to say, none of the recipients was there."

This has been around since last week but always seems to require registration. I am finally linking it; unfortunately registration is still required.

This is typical of the kind of attacks that the rightwing MSM are using to fight back against Air America. At the same time they disparage the humor on Air America programs they engage in it.

Oh, well.

Black Entertainment | Black News | Urban News

Black Entertainment | Black News | Urban News: "*'No, I didn’t leave Air America nor did I get fired,” writes Chuck D on his Web site, responding to reports by bloggers and others that he was axed by the radio network in favor of Jerry Springer."

Chuck clears the air in response to blog articles that have been reported here.

His new show "On the Real" will air on Sunday nights from 10-midnight starting in May.

Chuck D's BLOG

Update: Also Covered here.

Last two showings for now: LEFT OF THE DIAL: AMERICA UNDERCOVER

HBO Schedule: LEFT OF THE DIAL: AMERICA UNDERCOVER In case you haven't seen it yet, the last two showings (for now) of Left of the Dial will occur on Saturday, April 30 at 1 pm and 4 pm EST on HBO. Check your local schedules to make sure.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Volokh Conspiracy - -

The Volokh Conspiracy - -: "A brief First Amendment analysis: Joking about shooting the President certainly isn't a crime as such; threatening to shoot the President is. Threats (whether against the President or not) are indeed constitutionally unprotected, but to be a punishable threats, a statement must at least be understood by a reasonable listener as a true threat, rather than just hyperbole (or humor)."
Scroll down the page or search for some of the words above.

Eugene Volokh sites cases that are relevant to the Rand Rhodes Show Bit from Monday.


Weekly Planet | THIS WEEK IN TALK OF THE TOWN: "MARC MARON Sounds familiar because: A contemporary of Janeane Garofalo and Jon Stewart, Maron's been around a little longer than some of the others on this list, and has made countless cable appearances as both stand-up and strange, scene-stealing bit player."

Marc is one of seven comics covered in this Comediens review in Weekly Planet. Others include Lewis Black and David Cross, who was on Majority Report recently.

The Moderate Voice - How Do You Spell "DUMB?" Air America's Randi Rhodes' Assassination Humor

The Moderate Voice - How Do You Spell "DUMB?" Air America's Randi Rhodes' Assassination Humor

A middle of the road comment from The Moderate Voice on Randi's "bit" from Monday. I added the following comment:

"Sorry to be posting so late on this issue. I would suggest that if you haven't listened to the "bit" that you should probably not comment about it. You can listen to it by going to, clicking on Randi Rhodes box, then playing the April 25 show. The bit is right at the beginning, after the opening theme. If it has been removed for some reason, I should have a copy on my computer and can possibly post it.

When I heard the bit on Monday, my interpretation was that it was a satire on the new gun law in florida, which allows people to shoot if they are threatened. I don't think it has anything to do with Bush directly, but rather indirectly since it is also a comment on the proposed changes to Social Security."

New York Post Online Edition: Air America Apologizes

New York Post Online Edition: for the Randi Rhodes "Bit".

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Air America: 'We Are Not Under Investigation'

Air America: 'We Are Not Under Investigation': "Air America: 'We Are Not Under Investigation' " as reported in billboard radio monitor.

The Drudge Report allegation that the somewhat tasteless bit opening the April 25 Randi Rhodes show was being investigated by the Secret Service is slowly permeating the right blogosphere and the right internet press. I'll do an update with links later, but if you want to find out where it is going right now, goggle randi rhodes secret service.

The link to the clip on the Dridge site doesn't work, but the clip is actually still posted as of a few minutes ago. Follow our link to the White Rose Society and then Randi and then select the show for April 25.

I doubt that the clip was actually aimed at the President anyway--it actually combines a spoof of new Florida gun laws with the Social Security issue.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

TheRealityCheck.Org Guest Writer

TheRealityCheck.Org Guest Writer: "It was a year ago that the most ambitious project the modern left had ever undertaken since trying to make Al Gore interesting began amidst a flurry of activity and fanfare. Few people outside of the mainstream media gave Air America a snowball's chance at Uncle Satan's Happy Time Eternal Damnation Camp of lasting beyond a year, and I was one of them. Now, one year later, I'm having to admit they have not only survived, but managed to expand a bit more into the marketplace of ideas."

More Rightie Drivel and lies.

Air America Radio to leave Sirius

Air America Radio to leave Sirius

Discusses the transition schedule (slightly)

The Nation | Blog | ActNow! | Nat'l Media Reform Conference | Peter Rothberg

The Nation | Blog | ActNow! | Nat'l Media Reform Conference | Peter Rothberg: "Close to 2,000 attendees are expected to join an illustrious roster of lefty luminaries including Nation publisher Victor Navasky as well as Naomi Klein, John Nichols, Robert McChesney, Patti Smith, Al Franken, Jim Hightower, Amy Goodman, Laura Flanders, David Brock, George Lakoff, Robert Greenwald, Jenny Toomey, and many others for what will be the country's largest media conference."

In St Louis May 13-15.

From blogs to music, podcasting brings Internet audio to mp3 players

From blogs to music, podcasting brings Internet audio to mp3 players: "Some of the liberal talk network Air America's programming is available this way, including 'Morning Sedition,' and the Al Franken and Randi Rhodes daily talk shows."

I'll be adding Podcast links to the AALinks home page soon. - Staten Island Advance - Air America celebrates anniversary - Staten Island Advance - Air America celebrates anniversary: "And they said it wouldn't last.

After 12 months of management struggles, low ratings, budget scares and conservative criticism, Air America Radio is celebrating its first birthday."

(Quick Registration required)

Local paper on Staten Island interviews Randi Rhodes.

Monday, April 25, 2005

HUMAN EVENTS ONLINE :: Dead Air (America) by Pat Sajak

HUMAN EVENTS ONLINE :: Dead Air (America) by Pat Sajak: "What will eventually kill Air America is its redundancy."
Strange Analysis from the host of Wheel of Fortune. Wanker.

Air America F.A.Q.

Air America F.A.Q.: "Are you considering adding Air America’s programming to your station? Billboard Radio Monitor asked Air America Radio co-COO Jon Sinton and president Gary Kratz to answer a few affiliation questions."

Voices from the Urban Archipelago - Left of the Dial

Voices from the Urban Archipelago - Left of the Dial comprising a short review of Left of the Dial in which the reviewers express surprise that Air America personalities expected there to be money available (based on the NPR model) and whining about the ads on both conservative and liberal talk radio.

My brain has generally learned to tune those pesky things out, although I have to admit that the single background tune used on several ads on my local AM station get somewhat annoying. And XM radio's ads for their other channels are, well, boring. I doubt that many America Left listeners actually are Nascar fans.

But the fact is that the advertising model works to finance talk radio, and the Public Radio model probably won't. Blogs seem to be able to use both models and maybe radio can too. But for right now it's the Advertising model that is being used.

What's wrong with the media!

NewsChannel 5 Network: "Tennessee Man Discovers What May Be The Deepest Cave In The Country
Posted: 4/25/2005 1:58:44 PM

A new federal parks study will map caves around the Lookout Mountain Battlefield.

That pleases caver Kent Ballew because he thinks he's found the deepest pit cave in the country, perhaps 800 feet deep.

. . .

The deepest known pit cave is in Alaska, a hole 598 feet deep.

(Copyright 2005 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)"

The above article (slightly abridged in an irrelevant way) demonstrates what's wrong with our media in a non-political article. The Headline drew my attention because it referred to the "Deepest Cave" in the country. When I read the article I discovered that they were talking about the "deepest pit cave" which is a horse of a different color. And they they go on to talk about the "deepest known pit cave" being in Alaska, which might just be true depending on the definition, but in fact is not "The Deepest Cave" and is not even "the deepest pit" in a cave in the US.

So we have three different definitions all applied to the same thing, which mean completely different things: Deepest cave; deepest pit cave [in the country]; and deepest pit cave [known, presumably anywhere]. All of which are essentially wrong.

And this in a short throwaway paragraph on a TV News Channel.

How do you suppose they could ever get an abstract thing like Tom Delay's morality right?

Earwicker, under the nom de plume of A. Speleothus.

Sunday, April 24, 2005 - Memphis, TN: Columnists - Memphis, TN: Columnists: "Wade: 'One-trick pony' Al is taking us for a ride"
But this guy didn't like Al, and interviewed a bunch of people who didn't like him either. (Registration Required) 2 for the price of 1 today - Memphis, TN: Opinion - Memphis, TN: Opinion: "During a visit this month, Air America's frontman stopped in to talk barbecue, Memphis and of course, politics" Al Franken visits Memphis and is interviewed (registration required)

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Telegraph | Arts | The blunted edge of British comedy

Telegraph | Arts | The blunted edge of British comedy:
"It's very noticeable now, with an election due, that comedy has too little force in this country. British television especially has lost sight of great comedy's ambition for arresting argument, from positions on the Right and the Left, and instead goes in for star vehicles and soft titters. Britain has very little of the comedic energy currently to be enjoyed in America. On its radio and TV talk shows, some of the best writing, the best argument and the most focused political outrage is getting a robust airing every day. People who wanted to engage with the competing issues in last year's presidential election - and be entertained while doing so - listened, according to their taste, to Al Franken's radio show or that of Rush Limbaugh. They watched the TV shows of Dennis Miller, John Stewart, and Bill Maher."

Radio's Air America Is Finding an Audience

Radio's Air America Is Finding an Audience: "LETTERS
Radio's Air America Is Finding an Audience" in response to an earlier anti-AAR article. [Registration required]

Gothamist: Air America's Liberal Arts

Gothamist: Air America's Liberal Arts: "Air America's Liberal Arts

2005_04_artsairamer.jpgHousing Works Bookstore Caf�is self described as Soho's best-kept secret, and it looks like we're not very good at keeping secrets. Starting this Sunday (and recurring on Sundays) Air America Radio will begin taping their new 'Liberal Arts' show live from Housing Works.
The program is hosted by Katherine Lanpher, who also co-hosts 'The Al Franken Show' on Air America. In the continuing series she will entertain authors, singer-songwriters and artists in an evening of conversation and performance."

No word yet on when the series will air.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Holy Crap: Christo-Fascist Zombie Brigade

Holy Crap: Christo-Fascist Zombie Brigade: "Christo-Fascist Zombie Brigade" blognostic phones in to Morning Sedition and gets through.

Livejournal gives Jerry Springer a boost

grandimagineer: Happy Earth Day: "“Talking to Dick Cheney about environmental issues is like asking the Pope to make a contribution to Planned Parenthood.” Jerry Springer said that.

Jerry Springer has a new radio show on Air America Radio that in my opinion is worth checking out. It is on from 9 am to noon, Monday through Friday. To look for an Air America Radio station in your area, or to listen to it on line you can go to ."

Cincinnati Black Blog: The Whitening Of Air America

Cincinnati Black Blog: The Whitening Of Air America

This article was previously linked from here in its incarnation in Counterpunch. If you've got comments, you may want to go to this blog and put them there, since they probably get more readers than I do here.

Out here in the west, they didn't take away Unfiltered to put on Jerry Springer--they took it away to move Morning Sedition to the morning drivetime slot. Which is OK with me. I've listened to Jerry a few time on XM Radio, but he doesn't turn me on. I prefer the Marks. However, I think what I'm going to start doing is podding Rachel's new program and listening to it in the car on the way to work. Certainly that's what I'll do if they put Springer in that slot like they are doing in San Francisco.

Of course, first I have to get an Ipod.

Update: I guess I didn't previously link to the article in Counterpunch. See above for the link. Let's face it--this is intended as a Pro-Air-America-Radio Blog. But a healthy discussion of the issues is not necessarily bad for Air America. I will probably ignore the absolute Freeper stuff out there, or characterize it as the backlash that it is. More Black participation in Air America (and the progressive movent as a whole) would certainly not be a bad thing.

News Hounds takes on York's Vast Snow Job To Discredit Democratic Groups

News Hounds: York's Vast Snow Job To Discredit Democratic Groups: "Byron York in the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy says that Democrats tried to organize in 2004 not just to win an election but, as his subtitle put it, 'to Bring Down a President.' How dare they try to get George Bush out of office just because his term was up?

Using similar rhetorical tricks throughout his book, York tries to make something sinister out of the new organizations and tactics that grew up to support the Democratic ticket in the last presidential election -- groups like, the Center for American Progress, Air America radio network, and America Coming Together, and tactics such as voter registration, guerilla documentaries, and Michael Moore movies. York�s main storyline is that Democrats in 18 months copied the array of think-tanks, media, and so on that make up the Republican echo-chamber, which Senator Clinton labeled a 'vast right-wing conspiracy.' York's story, of course, loses some of its sinister sheen since the Democratic effort did not succeed. But he uses Kerry's loss to show his other point -- that the Democratic groups were only the radical fringe preaching to the choir and never appealed to the mainstream. Well, 59 million voters is a pretty big fringe group."

Newshounds takes on York's book in detail.

Air America and NPR want nothing to do with the Mercury-autism link (which the Bushies say is non0existent)

vaccines042105: "National Public Radio wants nothing to do with David Kirby.

Air America cancelled him.

But the Christian Broadcasting Network wants him on.

Kirby is the author of the hot-selling new book, Evidence of Harm: Mercury in Vaccines and the Autism Epidemic: A Medical Controversy (St. Martin’s Press, 2005)

The book is sympathetic to parents of autistic children who believe that mercury in vaccines is responsible, in part, for the recent upward spike in autism cases – from one in 5,000 in 1987 to one in 166 today."

This according to Corporate Crime Reporter

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Moderate Voice - Is Air America Failing?

The Moderate Voice - Is Air America Failing?: "Once again liberal talk radio Air America is being pronounced on (excuse the expression these days after what our country has been through) life support — this time via an intriguing commentary in the Los Angeles Times." This is the opening for an AAR article in The Moderate Voice, a blog that attempts to straddle the Equator of the Blogosphere but appears to be read mostly by the dexter side and not the sinister.

The article tries to argue that you can listen to programs on both sides of the dial. "Listening to another idea does not cause brain cancer."

FWWeekly: Second Thought: Wednesday, April 20, 2005

FWWeekly: Second Thought: Wednesday, April 20, 2005: "Who cares if Air America is liberal if it’s just more trash talk." A review by a local journalism professor trashes Air America and concludes that "...the real progressive radio station is already left of the dial. It’s on the FM band, and it’s called National Public Radio."

Those of us who abandoned NPR because it was too conservative, and jumped onto AAR in spite of the advertising, will disagree with the caustic review. The article's author has an e-mail address at the bottom of the article.

Liberal airwaves blowing into Cleveland's earshot

Liberal airwaves blowing into Cleveland's earshot: "Air America Radio is finally coming to Greater Cleveland.

WJMP AM/1520 in Akron will start airing the liberal talk-humor network Monday, May 2."

Air America replaces WJMP's current "Music of Your Life" format, and will be available only during the daytime hours that the station can air.

New York Daily News - Entertainment - Radio: A hit since the 1950s: Stations' live shows

New York Daily News - Entertainment - Radio: A hit since the 1950s: Stations' live shows: "AWARDS: The trade mag Talkers is giving its annual Freedom of Speech Award to Air America's Al Franken, heard locally [New York City] at noon on WLIB (1190 AM)."

Monday, April 18, 2005

Why the Liberals Can't Keep Air America From Spiraling In

Why the Liberals Can't Keep Air America From Spiraling In (Registration required) The backlash continues. Another article by a conservative whose approach to fighting back against Air America is to continue spewing the myth that liberal talk radio will always fail.

Sunday, April 17, 2005


Yahoo! News - POLITICAL RHETORIC GROWS STEADILY MORE TOXIC and according to columnist John Leo, part of it is due to "democratization of the media, particularly the arrival of the Internet and big-time talk radio, which allow all of us to say whatever we like, no matter how crude." He quotes Janeane Garafalo as an example of the "toxic" rhetoric: "During the presidential campaign, comedian Janeane Garofalo referred to the Bush administration as 'the 43rd Reich.'"

My comment: If they are behaving like toxic people,they will probably get called by the names of toxic people.

Saturday, April 16, 2005 | 04/15/2005 | MULTIMEDIA NOTES: BILL MANN | 04/15/2005 | MULTIMEDIA NOTES: BILL MANN: 9Registration required) "MEDIA NOTES: An interesting new ad pitch is running on Air America's local affiliate 'The Quake' (960 AM). One spot for a local yoga studio concludes, 'You'll look great naked, too!' Superficial? Oh, just a tad ... ... I was as surpised and saddened as you were by revelations that ABC anchor Peter Jennings has lung cancer. I've interviewed Jennings, and the best word to describe this class act is 'courtly.'

When the news broke Air America's midmorning host, Al Franken, thanked Jennings for Jennings' help with 'LateLine,' NBC's short-lived satirical series in 1999 that starred Franken and spoofed ABC's 'Nightline.'

'Peter introduced us to the term 'news nun,' Franken recalled. 'It refers to someone who's married to the news.' Franken added: 'Jennings was such a gentleman.' Franken again, defining the president's ideal, the 'ownership society': 'What this means is that the president and a few of his friends basically own everything,' Franken chuckled."

the futon critic - the web's best primetime television resource

the futon critic - the web's best primetime television resource: Speaking of upcoming NBC Season Pilots: "the Janeane Garofalo-led comedy pilot about the life of poker champ Annie Duke has been retitled once more to 'Deal'"

The vast left-wing conspiracy -

The vast left-wing conspiracy - A review of the new book and interview with the author in which he argues that the left has a good chance to win the 2008 election, and the right should not ignore us.

Friday, April 15, 2005

BlueOregon: Finally, a KPOJ local show.

BlueOregon: Finally, a KPOJ local show.: "This just in. Thom Hartmann, who's been a guest host for Air America host Randi Rhodes, will now be doing a live local show on Portland's [Oregon] progressive radio KPOJ AM 620. It will be in addition to his national show on the Sirius digital radio network."


MY BRAIN IS MADE OF THINGS MADE OF GOLD: Mind Fuck: Sam Seder: A good review from a fan.

Air America Radio to leave Sirius - World News Online :: - Updates India News when it happen

Air America Radio to leave Sirius - World News Online :: - Updates India News when it happen: "The affiliation with Sirius will cease completely June 11. Sirius spokesman Jim Collins said it's too soon to say what the programming department will do with the vacant Air America channel."

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Nathaniel Livingston, Jr.: Ethic Cleansing at Air America

Nathaniel Livingston, Jr.: Ethic Cleansing at Air America The backlash begins. Air America is trashed by this article that seems to come from the radical black left. The attack focuses on the fact that Unfiltered was replaced by Jerry Springer, causing Chuck D to be off the air. It seems to overlook the fact that Mark Riley is still on Air America, and that the question of where Chuck D will end up is not yet resolved.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

And the Milwaukee Journal's not sure either . . .

Scroll Down to bottom: "Speaking of XM, the satellite radio company has signed a new deal with liberal Air America Radio, changing the name of its 'America Left' channel to 'Air America,' which becomes 'the official satellite radio network' for the year-old talk radio service that features Al Franken. It's not clear if this deal will change Air America's status on rival Sirius Satellite Radio."

FMQB: Radio Industry News, Music Industry Updates, Arbitron Ratings, Music News

FMQB: Radio Industry News, Music Industry Updates, Arbitron Ratings, Music News: "Air America can currently be heard on both satcasters, XM and Sirius Satellite Radio, but that arrangement will end when the new XM-Air America pact kicks in." So says FMQB. Still can't find any information directly from Sirius.

Daily Kos :: Air America signs exclusive deal with XM

Daily Kos :: Air America signs exclusive deal with XM: A Daily KOS Diary has more detail on the Air America XM compact. Among other things in the comments section is the e-mail address of the Talk Radio programming person at XM: where we can write and request that they carry two channels - one with the full Air America feed and another with the remaining Talk Left channels such as Ed Schultz and Alan Colmes. This way we can have the full Randi and Mike Malloy on XM.

Apparently this is going to be an exclusive deal so Sirius will drop Air America.

More to follow.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Q-C native reins in Franken

Q-C native reins in Franken: It's Katherine, of course, in this article from her home-town paper in Davenport, Iowa. It's also the site of a new Air America station.

XM and Air America Radio Announce Long Term Agreement; XM to be Official Satellite Radio Network of Air America

XM and Air America Radio Announce Long Term Agreement; XM to be Official Satellite Radio Network of Air America: A press release from Air America and XM Radio. XM will be the official Air America Satellite Channel. America Left will be renamed Air America. Looks like they will still carry Alan Colmes and Ed Schultz. No word about what will happen at Sirius.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

ASU Web Devil - Davis: Starbucks coffee and a cause

ASU Web Devil - Davis: Starbucks coffee and a cause:
An opinion piece in the Arizona State University Web paper complains about conservatives who are offended by slogans on Starbucks Coffee cups. One of the slogans is from Al Franken. He argues that the conservatives should confront the issues instead of whining about being offended by them. He concludes the piece with:

"As they exist today, the categories 'liberal' and 'conservative' are far too constraining for me to ever consider myself as one or the other. For those of you not so hesitant to label yourself, be aware that when you unquestionably follow someone else's agenda you earn another label: 'sheep.'"

Sounds like a young turk to me.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Air America Welcome to Jerry Springer makes the Taipei Times

Taipei Times - archives: "Jerry Springer extends reach of radio audience" is a free version of a previously published New York Times Article.

"NYSUT launches 'Save Social Security' project." April 14, 2005. New York Teacher.

"NYSUT launches 'Save Social Security' project." April 14, 2005. New York Teacher.: "New York State United Teachers" will produce a video on Social Security featuring Al Franken.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Carlson's PBS Show to End After a Year

Carlson's PBS Show to End After a Year I hope that my vocal refusal to renew my local PBS station membership was the causative factor, but probably not--unless enough other people did the same.

New Voting Reform Site Now linked

VELVETREVOLUTION.US : link has been added to the main page in the Politics section. Check this out and support them.

Welcome to eTruth!

Welcome to eTruth!: "Progressive voices needed", A letter to the editor in Elkhart, Indiana asking for Air America and Ed Schultz on AM radio!

Quad Cities Online - Q-C talk radio making left turn starting Monday

Quad Cities Online - Q-C talk radio making left turn starting Monday: "A progressive talk station featuring Air America's Al Franken, Janeanne Garofalo, Randi Rhodes and more will debut at 5 a.m. Monday on WKBF-AM 1270, formerly Classic Country 1270." This is Central Illinois, as near as I can tell. A quick web search reveals that its Moline and Rock Island in Illinois and Davenport and Dettendor in Iowa. Should be on the Mississippi in the middle of the state. Monitoring Air America Monitoring Air America so you don't have to ever monitor it.

I stumbled across this Blog today for the first time. It claims to have been up for a year, but it's pretty clear that no one reads it. It has an Alexa rating of "no data" which means that very few people with Alexa toolbars have stumbled across it.

Apparently run by The Lonewacko Blog which bills itself as a Non-"liberal" blog and is clearly a righty blog.

I've added a link to BoreAmerica on the Air America Enemy/Ripoff pages line of the Program Links. Maybe they need to be monitored? Probably better to just ignore them.