Saturday, April 23, 2005

Telegraph | Arts | The blunted edge of British comedy

Telegraph | Arts | The blunted edge of British comedy:
"It's very noticeable now, with an election due, that comedy has too little force in this country. British television especially has lost sight of great comedy's ambition for arresting argument, from positions on the Right and the Left, and instead goes in for star vehicles and soft titters. Britain has very little of the comedic energy currently to be enjoyed in America. On its radio and TV talk shows, some of the best writing, the best argument and the most focused political outrage is getting a robust airing every day. People who wanted to engage with the competing issues in last year's presidential election - and be entertained while doing so - listened, according to their taste, to Al Franken's radio show or that of Rush Limbaugh. They watched the TV shows of Dennis Miller, John Stewart, and Bill Maher."

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