Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Air America: 'We Are Not Under Investigation'

Air America: 'We Are Not Under Investigation': "Air America: 'We Are Not Under Investigation' " as reported in billboard radio monitor.

The Drudge Report allegation that the somewhat tasteless bit opening the April 25 Randi Rhodes show was being investigated by the Secret Service is slowly permeating the right blogosphere and the right internet press. I'll do an update with links later, but if you want to find out where it is going right now, goggle randi rhodes secret service.

The link to the clip on the Dridge site doesn't work, but the clip is actually still posted as of a few minutes ago. Follow our link to the White Rose Society and then Randi and then select the show for April 25.

I doubt that the clip was actually aimed at the President anyway--it actually combines a spoof of new Florida gun laws with the Social Security issue.

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