Saturday, April 16, 2005 | 04/15/2005 | MULTIMEDIA NOTES: BILL MANN | 04/15/2005 | MULTIMEDIA NOTES: BILL MANN: 9Registration required) "MEDIA NOTES: An interesting new ad pitch is running on Air America's local affiliate 'The Quake' (960 AM). One spot for a local yoga studio concludes, 'You'll look great naked, too!' Superficial? Oh, just a tad ... ... I was as surpised and saddened as you were by revelations that ABC anchor Peter Jennings has lung cancer. I've interviewed Jennings, and the best word to describe this class act is 'courtly.'

When the news broke Air America's midmorning host, Al Franken, thanked Jennings for Jennings' help with 'LateLine,' NBC's short-lived satirical series in 1999 that starred Franken and spoofed ABC's 'Nightline.'

'Peter introduced us to the term 'news nun,' Franken recalled. 'It refers to someone who's married to the news.' Franken added: 'Jennings was such a gentleman.' Franken again, defining the president's ideal, the 'ownership society': 'What this means is that the president and a few of his friends basically own everything,' Franken chuckled."

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