Sunday, March 27, 2005

Jeanean will do the sitcom from New York

According to a New York Times article reprinted here in the Times Argus, Jeanean Garafalo will stay in New York and continue as host of the Majority Report if she gets a roll in a sitcom next year. According to the article:

In fact, Garofalo is taking two weeks off next month to shoot an NBC pilot called "All In," in which she'll co-star as a professional poker player. If the network picks it up — always an iffy proposition — she'll do the comedy series in New York while simultaneously being host of "The Majority Report." Meanwhile, coming months will bring the releases of a TV movie for the Oxygen cable channel, a feature directed by Marc Forster, and the independent "Duane Hopwood," recently shown at Sundance. Perhaps, she said, she can alternate intermittent acting and stand-up with "a long-term radio career with Sam."

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