Friday, November 11, 2005

Save Morning Sedition

Save Morning Sedition:
"Save Morning Sedition (& Marc Maron too)
Hey Danny Goldberg, listen up! We are the listeners of the Morning Sedition radio program. We love the radio program in its current form, with its current staff and radio personalities. If it is true, that Marc Maron and perhaps the show itself is in jeopardy, you will lose a large number of loyal listeners!
This site is designed to be a starting point for everyone who is upset about the proposed future (or lack thereof) of Morning Sedition and/or Marc Maron. This site will continue to grow and expand (EVOLVE even) over the coming days and weeks.

Marc Maron, keep up the good fight. Every loyal Morning Sedition listener, make your voice heard! Contact AAR management, Contact the CEO, Danny Goldberg. We can contact the affiliate stations that carry the program in the middle of the night. We can contact the Air America advertisers. SIgn the petition! Mark your place on the map! "

A New Save Marc and MS Web Site. Go there! Sign the Petition if you haven't already.

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