Friday, December 22, 2006

AirAmerica Bankruptcy Status in the New York Times

A two page article in the New York Times covers the current status of the continuing financial travails of Air America. I'm not sure I learned much substance from it, except that apparently the Ed Shultz show is moving to the same slot now occupied by Al Franken and Thom Hartman.  It appears it will be a three way ratings war, although probably not in the same markets.

In the long run that would probably cause all three shows to grow, because they are in some ways different types of shows appealing to different audiences. Since my local station time-shifts Al to the afternoon, I've been listening to Thom in the morning, Al at lunch time (the last hour) and then either picking up the early Al at drivetime or listening to the Podcast in the evening. (since I have AM and XM both, as well as an Ipod, I can pretty much do what I want to.

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