Wednesday, February 27, 2008

We are back - sort of

OK, you can now actually view this blog again at the blogspot site I will set an automatic forward from the web site.

Getting this blog to load at the web site has been an ordeal since the Blogger upgrade. I was able to get my other blogspot blogs to load OK, but for some reason this one just doesn't do it. So I decided to host it at blogspot for awhile until I figure out how to get it to go back to the website.

You'll notice a number of posts never before seen on the web--even through they were written months ago and posted.

In the period since this blog broke, there have been lot's of changes at Air America. They went into and cam out of Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  They declared Air America 2.0 and reworked their programming.  Al Franken retired and went into politics.  Mike Malloy (previously fired) has come back on the air on the NovaM network. Thom Hartman moved into Al Franken's midday slot on Air America and some local stations, but Ed Shultz snuck into that slot on XM Channel 167.  Sam Seder moved to a morning slot and then to a Sunday Show. Rachel Maddow emerged as a strong show in the late afternoon/early evening.  Lionel got the old Seder morning slot, and the Young Turks had the old early morning slot for a year or so, and then moved back to their own slot and through Brave New Films. Randi Rhodes dropped from four to three hours, and a host of other shows have come and gone--EcoTalk, Laura Flanders during the week, the Air Americans to name a few.

I missed all this on the blog and basically didn't do much with updating the web site.  I've been busy with some other blogs, keeping up with politics in general, retiring from my day job to spend more time running our small business, and with dealing with life in general.  They say that when you retire you are busier than ever, and that is certainly true in my case.

I'm hoping to spend some time rebuilding the front page of the web site for Air American 2.0 before it becomes Air America 3.0.  More about that in a future post.  Stay tuned.

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