Friday, September 15, 2006

New AAR Schedule

According to a post at Air America Place, this is the current new schedule for AAR.

5-6 AM Mark Riley (apparently he's not wanted at WLIB now that they have gone gospel)
6-9 AM The Young Turks
9 AM-Noon Sam Seder (Jerry Springer will still go out through AAR syndication)
Noon-3 PM Al Franken (Thom Hartmann through AAR syndication)
3-6 PM Randi Rhodes
6-8 PM Rachel Maddow
8-9 PM Politically Direct
9-10 PM Eco-Talk
10 PM- Midnight still up in the air. No replacement for Malloy has yet been selected (how about bringiing Malloy back?)
The Al Franken repeat will move up to Midnight.

This was as of Wednesday. Young Turks, Sam Seder, and Randi Rhodes are confirmed per what I have heard from their mouths or their website.

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