Thursday, September 14, 2006

Status of Air America Radio

Not that I really know much more than you do if you read a lot of blogs. But this is a summary of what I have gleaned over the last few weeks. I'm going to skip the links to stuff because I don't have much time right now; I may update this and fill them in tonight.

A few weeks ago the right blogosphere was rife with rumors that AAR was having financial problems and would finally die. Of course they have been plugging these rumors since the beginning (no one listens, they are broke, etc) so I treated them as the BS they are. These started after Mike Malloy was let go and during the period that AAR was evaluating programming and deciding on the fall lineup.

Then yesterday (Sept 13) there was a post on Think Progress blog that broke the story that AAR was going to restructure and would "declare bankruptcy" on Friday. This brought forth the trolls and a lot of sad lefties who didn't understand that bankruptcy is a tool used by corporations to solve their financial problems and doesn't necessarily mean someone is going out of business (see Airlines to understand what I mean).

AAR has denied the bankrupcy rumors and is moving ahead with their new schedule in bits and pieces. Hopefully they will make an announcement about the new schedule on Friday. Here is what I've been able to figure out (all times are Eastern):

The Young Turks will fill the 6-9 am slot. Then Sam Seder will have a show from 9-12 (apparently with a new name). As near as I can tell Al Franken and Randi Rhodes will keep there existing time slots from 12-3 and 3-7 respectively. The 7-10 pm slot is unknown to me as is the 10-1 pm slot, but I suspect Rachel Maddow may have some part in one of those shows.

Jerry Springer and Mike Malloy are out.

No information on Thom Hartmann but I have heard nothing about him changing his status.

So, in conclusion, until we hear more I think we can assume that AAR will still be around. The Internet/XM schedule will change some. Local affiliates may dink with their schedules (my local AM station has already done that, a year ago, and has Stephanie Miller and Thom Hartmann in the morning; Ed Shultz in his live slot at noon, then Al Franken delayed in the 3-6 slot and Randi delayed in the 6-10 slot. I guess they were doing Mike Mal

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